About us

Vegan Church offers vegan christians of different dominations the opportunity to meet and to connect their faith and vegan lifestyle.
It is our desire to bring vegan Christians together, to encourage and inspire them from a cosmocentric Biblical vision. God’s love for all creation is central.
Vegan Church is not a new church: when you’re a member of a religious community, parish or church, you can become a friend of Vegan Church.

This way we want to inspire churches and parishes to be open minded and look freshly at stewardship the way God gave it to humanity and to share God’s love for all that lives.

The following words characterize VC:
Personal: personal attention for and active involvement in each other, e.g. in a Vegan Church group and during potluck dinners or other activities.

Plant-based: transferring knowledge of and attention to plant-based food and vegan life style through vegan (cooking) workshops and meals.

Pure faith: being able to be yourself from your faith or life vision, being inspired by the life of and with Jesus Christ.

Why Christian & vegan?

Jesus teaches us love and compassion, for ourselves and everything around us. From that source and from our heart we want to deal lovingly with the whole creation. Do not damage people, animals, nature and the environment, but live as justly as possible.


Chairman & co-founder

People person & animal lover, committed vegan and happy christian, thinking out of the box, theologian.


Secretary & co-founder

For me, a plant-based lifestyle is inextricably linked to my being a Christian. All creation and every creature was created for the glory of God and not for the service of man.



Christian and vegan. Both the environment and animal welfare are important to me.


General Board Member

Vegan and Christian. I also consider animals to be my neighbors on this earth, where we may live together.

Armande van Doesburg


General Board Member

Out of respect, admiration and love for the creator/creator I want to make sustainable choices. Taking good care of yourself, the other person and the planet with everything that lives on it, is what I find important.

What is it that we do?

We organize protests to defend Gods creation, we cook the best plant-based meals to let you taste animal friendly food, we celebrate life in small groups, we organize pop-up church services on special occasions and locations and we write articles. And last but not least we enjoy life, because it’s the best gift you can get. That’s what we wish for every human being and animal.